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An OCD Guide to Tagging Your MP3's

Feb 20 2010 02:27 PM | Dan (electron) in Home Theater

CocoonTech.com member hucker posted a very detailed guide to organizing your digital music library on his CocoonTech.com Blog.† It's probably one of the best guides I have seen, and even if you have already organized your library, it can still be useful in make the process more efficient.† Definitely worth a read!

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Guide to purchasing audio/video cables

Jul 31 2004 07:21 PM | Dan (electron) in Home Theater

Many people today go out and buy all these expensive DVD players, television sets, speakers, and receivers, yet they spend next to nothing on the wires that connect these components together. The components of your audio/video system are all interconnected, so itís only as good as its weakest link. The cables are the arteries of your system. If your arteries canít distribute the full potential of your components, then youíre really shortchanging yourself.

ďBut my system came with their own cables, they have to be good.Ē

Sure, if you want to use cables that degrade signals and provide little insulation from external interference, feel free to use them. What would you expect from something free? Itís obvious that when one spends thousands of dollars on the receiver alone, you want a high quality system. To receive the best sounds and pictures, you should invest in high-quality cables, which operate with the least amount of resistance and well insulated. As a rule of thumb, when putting together your home audio/video system, one should budget about 10% of the total system cost into the purchase of quality cables and interconnects.

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