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Black Friday Sale on HomeSeer Products!

Breaking News Homeseer Technologies

For anyone on the fence about buying advanced home control software, check out this black friday deal for HomeSeer that BraveSirRobin mentioned!
If you are going to upgrade your lighting, you might want to also consider upgrading HomeSeer.  They are having a Black Friday sale:
Coupon Code
HS3 (Full)
$124.97 (reg. $249.95)
HS3 (Upgrade from HS2)
$62.47 (reg. $124.95)
HS3PRO (Full)
$299.98 (reg. $599.95)
HS3PRO (Upgrade from HS2)
$237.47 (reg. $474.95)
HS3PRO (Upgrade from HS3)
$192.47 (reg. 384.95)
HS3PRO (Upgrade from HSPRO)
$62.47 (reg. $124.95)


Here's the link to the details: