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[CES 2013] Exclusive Update - Aeon Labs

CES Z-Wave

Cocoontech stopped by Aeon Labs (part of the Z-Wave Alliance booths) during the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show to see what products they were showcasing this year.
One intriguing new item was a window film that can be applied over an existing window, then have it's state change from transparent to nearly opaque (and back) with a Z-Wave command!
Two views showing pictures of this film are enclosed below:
Attached Image: aeotech3.jpg  Attached Image: aeotech2.jpg
This piece was mounted on a test window at the booth (as shown below).
Attached Image: aeotech1.jpg
Here is a movie showing the film being controlled from is near opaque to clear state via a Z-Wave command. The near opaque mode blocks 75% of the light/view.
The film can be cut to size and will initially be available in one by one meters and one by two meters.  The control is via a Z-Wave power supply that causes the change of state to the film.  The product should be available in a few months.
Aeotec is also working on a totally blacked out version, dimmable capability, as well as one with a mirrored finish!
The movie does not do justice to the coolness and wow factor that this product had!


Dan (electron)
Apr 19 2013 04:44 PM

There is now a KickStarter in progress for this product, more details here.