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CES 2014: Exclusive Update - Black Sumac's 'Piper'

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Black Sumac is ready to launch their IndieGoGo campaign for their Z-Wave all-in-one "Piper" product which features a multitude of sensors as well as a camera.
Black Sumac was showing their new Piper all in one sensor including a video camera during the CES 2014 show held in Las Vegas, NV.  This device was created via an IndieGoGo campaign and will ship to these backers in a couple of weeks..
This product features a 180 degree fisheye CMOS video camera, passive infra-red motion sensor, temperature, humidity, and ambient light sensors, accelerometer, microphone, speaker and a 105 dB siren.  All of this is included in a relatively small package that also has internal battery backup via three AAA batteries.
Attached Image: piper.jpg
All of these sensors can be seen on your Z-Wave network and can provide a nice marriage of security and home automation for your Z-Wave infrastructure.
You can also access this device directly through your WiFi router and it provides an SSL structure for remote access with your mobile phone.
The system records video continually and stores it in on-board memory.  Rules can be setup to trigger a 'snapshot' of this video.  The trigger can come from motion change to the video or by any one of the on-board sensors.
Since this device is Z-Wave enabled, other Z-Wave sensors can be used for a variety of home automation or security rules (including snapshot of the video).
They currently require their 'cloud' server for video uploading, but the rules are stored in the local device (not a bad system as the video will be in a remote location if this device were to get stolen during a burglary).
Currently their API is not open to developers but this may change in the future once the product matures.
The price is only $239 and that includes the wall mount plus AC adapter.