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Factory Refurbished Vera 2 Controller: $100 via eBay (micasaverdeshop)

Z-Wave Mi Casa Verde

This is an extremely good deal on a really nice Z-Wave controller.  The cheapest NEW controller is the Vera 3 Lite, which runs $179.  The Vera 2 is still a great unit (have one myself), so if you are just starting out, I would highly consider this one.
micasaverdeshop is Mi Casa Verde's eBay account.


Thinking about getting one of these for my mother, just put in some blind controls for her. What can the 3 do that the 2 doesn't? Can you set scenes with this? IOW, I have 2 add-a-motors for her blinds. I need to turn one on for 5 seconds, then turn it off. then turn the other on for 3 seconds, then turn it off. I would want this to happen on a button press, then set another button to do the opposite. Easy enough with Elve or similar but I have no experience with the "veras".

Dan (electron)
Feb 19 2013 10:58 AM

The 3 has a faster processor and more memory iirc.  I am not using mine to the fullest potential (just haven't had time yet), but the 2 will do the job just fine.  As far as I know, there aren't any features in the software which only work with version 3+ (at least that's what they told me back when the 3 was released).

I also have a reburbished Vera 2 here.  It is well constructed and very much plug n play. 


I do have the Vera "off" right now and am considering a 3rd Z-Wave network just to play with it.


Dan (electron)
Feb 19 2013 02:18 PM

I also recommend you don't use this as your internet gateway, but as a dedicated home automation appliance (you can disable the router/gateway mode).