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Luna: Turn Your Bed into a Smartbed

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Luna is a mattress 'smart cover' which allows dual-zone temperature control, sleep tracking, smart alarm and some other features.  They just launched their product via an IndieGoGo campaign which already met its $100,000 USD goal in a matter of hours.  Very impressive!
Pledges start at $199 for the Queen size.
Personally, I'm interested in this type of product, as long as they allow us to use/control it without any 'cloud/IoT' dependencies (but that doesn't look to be the case).  They do promise an open API and Apple Health  & Google Fit support.
Check the IndieGoGo campaign for more details.
Note: IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding website, not a store.  Plenty of campaigns deliver too late, or even worse, sometimes not at all.  Keep this in mind.


Holy crap - 3x its goal in a day?

the interesting thing is the dependency on the cardioballistic sensors for measuring the heart rate. There is already an offer on the market from beddit, so I hope it works out and there will be no hidden conflicts qualifying that as hoax, simply selling an overpriced DC driven bed heating unit combined with babyphone...

For a short time here in the 1980's tried one of the dual zone heat mattress covers.  Used it for about 3 months and went back to the 1-2 feather bed covers. 


Personally I am not sure that I want to know any physiological metrics while I sleep as knowing might actually be counterproductive to my sleep. 




We can fight off the sandman for a while, but after a certain point, sleeplessness leads to temporary madness and – just maybe – death, discovers Adam Hadhazy.

Since it will get funded regardless, if it's any good you'll be able to buy one later.


If I could measure both quantity and quality of sleep, without having instruments clamped on me, I'd be interested.  I just have doubts that this particular product would do a good job at measuring it.

If you are ok sleeping wearing the iWatch, you can.