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Universal Devices announces the ISY-994i ZS Series Z-Wave controller

Z-Wave Universal Devices

CocoonTech Member (and Universal Devices developer) Mike-ma shared the announcement of Universal Devices now offering a Z-Wave controller, similar to their popular INSTEON ISY-99 controller.
The price is rather high, especially once you add support for various popular components (e.g., ELK), so it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the popular Mi Casa Verde Vera controllers.
You can find more info about the Z-Wave controller on the Universal Devices website, or keep on reading for the original post.

Just in case folks missed the announcement:
Link to the full news announcement
I'll post more details as the alpha tests are conducted over the next months as appropriate.
disclosure - I am a devloper & dealer for Universal Devices and thus under NDA to release any details of the solution at this time...
...Universal Devices has introduced its portfolio of advanced energy-management products for Z-Wave at DistribuTECH. A long-time
member of the Z-Wave Alliance, Universal Devices’ newest Z-Wave-enabled product is based on the popular ISY994 ZS Series...


Dan (electron)
Feb 11 2013 08:24 AM

Very interesting.  I am surprised I didn't get a copy of this announcement, so thanks for sharing!