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Simply Automated US22-40 UPB switch

UPB Simply Automated

Simply Automated has recently released their popular US2-40 switch in a dual output version. The model # for this new version is US22-40.
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The product specifications are as follows:
  • Dual 550 Watt Load Controls (this is a change from the initial product documentation. Initial product specs were 600 watts per channel, but this was reduced due to UL testing/compliance requirements)
  • Interchangeable 'Universal' faceplate assemblies: use any of 13 style faceplates for your custom configuration (faceplate ordered separately)
  • Intuitive rocker/button action
  • Timer Function
    • Automatically turns off load(s)
    • 15 presets, locally or scene-link controlled
  • Manual Scene-Link Modification with Rocker/Buttons
    • Add or delete devices from scene with 7 or 8 taps
    • Adjust linked devices?€™ light level and save with 7 taps
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Aesthetically pleasing Blue/Green Dual LED indicator
  • Dedicated Remote Switch (Model USR) connections: provides inexpensive 3 or more-way control option
  • Standard Faceplate Colors: White (W), Almond (A), Light Almond (LA), Ivory (I), Black (BK), Brown (BN)
The dimensions are identical to that of the single channel model at:
4.2"H x 1.7"W x 1.6"D, and about 1 ounce heavier at 4.9 oz.

Before receiving this unit I was wondering if I would need to wire two separate inputs to the switch, but opening the box and unpacking the switch there was only one set of input wires making installation less complicated, then expected.

As for wiring you have:
  • Black AC Line
  • White AC Neutral
  • Brown Load 1
  • Red Load 2
  • White/Brown Traveler 1
  • White/Red Traveler 2
Also to my surprise my current version (version 5.0 Build 69) of UPStart already supported this device. Keep in mind that it takes 5 taps to enter setup mode, and 5 taps to exit (versus the standard 5 taps to enter, and 2 taps to exit).

You have separate tabs in UPStart to configure the links for each channel.
Here you either need to know which channel was what (as the wired are labeled LOAD 1 and LOAD 2, but the software calls it Channel 1 and 2) so I took a stab at it assuming Load 1 was Channel 1, and I was correct.

Attached Image: us22-40_upstart_2.jpg
They did combine the transmit channels into one tab, as found on single load switches.

Attached Image: us22-40_upstart_3.jpg
One thing I did notice while there are 2 status LED?'s there is only 1 configuration setting for the status light but is not configurable per channel. You have the option of no status light, Blue or Green. The LED color like other Simply Automated switches can be configured to be either of the three options when the load is on or off. But that configuration once set is the same for both channels.

Attached Image: us22-40_upstart_4.jpg

Dimming can be configured per channel so in my install I configured one channel as dimmable (light) and the other as not dimmable (ceiling fan).

Attached Image: us22-40_5.JPGAttached Image: us22-40_6.JPGAttached Image: us22-40_7.JPGAttached Image: us22-40_8.JPG

This unit also has a timer function, which automatically turns off the switch after a preset time period elapses (15 preset selectable times can be set from 1 second all the way up to 4 hrs. Configurable in UPStart, the timer function can also be turned off to act as a standard ON/OFF switch. You can also adjust the local response time, allowing you to eliminate the delay between activating the switch, and the load turning on.

I also had a bit of confusion while in UPStart (and this is a problem with UPStart not the US22-40). If either channel is turned on, it is indicated in the UPStart software by making the switch appear yellow, if both channels are turned on the indication is the same, if ONE of these loads are turned OFF, UPStart indicated it by removing the yellow coloring which may not the case ONE load can still be on. This may be fixed in a later UPStart build, but currently there is not another version available on the SAI website, if not lets hope it is on the radar as I was confused why it was showing the switch was off but I knew it had one output still turned on.


Overall I was impressed with the product. I personally can see this switch be very useful for existing single gang installations where you would like to have local control of multiple loads. Otherwise in a new installation it is just as easy to install a double gang box and two US2-40 switches.

The only downsides I see to the product is the single Status Light configuration, some people may want to configure each load separately.

User Guide: 452_0022_0101RevB_US22_40_UserGuide_090114a.pdf ( 504.82K )

Data Sheet: Datasheet_US22_40_090114.pdf ( 419.47K )
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