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Review: VITEK VT-H40 H.264 DVR

Aug 09 2009 04:19 PM | Dan (electron) in Home Security

Vitek VT-H40 Digital RecorderVITEK logoI have been using the popular AverMedia NV5000 PC based DVR system for a few years now.  While it works great, and the software is very powerful, it requires a dedicated PC, which has several disadvantages, such as maintenance, potential stability problems and energy cost.

I have been looking around for an affordable H.264 (which provides much better compression and quality) DVR appliance for a while now, and finally decided on ordering the Vitek VT-H40 DVR since Automated Outlet (a CTVA member), is running a sale on them this month.  Read more for a detailed review and many pictures of the system in action.

UPDATED: I added a few more comments to the end of this review, now that I have had the chance to use it for a few months.

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Review: WebcamXP Mobile Client IP Camera Viewer

Jun 27 2009 05:02 PM | Dan (electron) in Home Security

Most home automation enthusiasts incorporate home video (security) cameras as a vital accessory to their overall system.  Being able to view live images of their cameras via their cellular phone is a much desired feature.

The creators of WebCamXP have provided a client solution for viewing IP cameras and servers via a Windows Mobile version 5.0 or 6.0 device.  This client, named webcamXP Mobile HD v2.1.3 uses the .NET compact Framework 3.5 platform and is a FREE download (scroll towards the bottom of that webpage).  This product can now "directly" view the IP appliance (i.e. no computer is needed).

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Review: Impact Acoustics BNC/F to RJ-45 Balun

Jun 14 2009 05:34 PM | Dan (electron) in Home Security

In the search of an inexpensive BNC/F to RJ-45 Balun, I came across the Impact Acoustics BNC/F to RJ-45 Balun. It seemed too good to be true, at a price of under $10 each (you need 2 per camera), but I picked up a few to try and I am extremely surprised.

BNC side of Balun RJ-45 side of Balun

They use one pair of the RJ-45 connector (the brown/brown white pair) but you could easily pass multiple signals over one cable if needed.


I purchased mine from CablesToGo here


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