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Review: Impact Acoustics BNC/F to RJ-45 Balun

In the search of an inexpensive BNC/F to RJ-45 Balun, I came across the Impact Acoustics BNC/F to RJ-45 Balun. It seemed too good to be true, at a price of under $10 each (you need 2 per camera), but I picked up a few to try and I am extremely surprised.

BNC side of Balun RJ-45 side of Balun

They use one pair of the RJ-45 connector (the brown/brown white pair) but you could easily pass multiple signals over one cable if needed.


I purchased mine from CablesToGo here



  • Multiple signals over a single 4-pair cable
  • Video over UTP cable
  • Male and female RCA or BNC connectors available       (with RCA Connectors they are almost 5X the cost of BNC)
  • RJ-45 output for easy connection into existing wall plates
  • IDC output for easy connection without tools and multiple signals over a single 4-pair cable
  • Transmit video up to 1500 feet with little visible degradation


The following images were taken using a Hunt CCD Camera 580 Lines resolution and a cheap capture card.

30 feet of standard RG-59 cable, direct connection from camera to capture card.
50 feet of Ethernet cable with baluns and a 1 foot BNC cable at each end.


They are well worth the current cost from my point of view.