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How to control your X10 or UPB lighting with the ADEMCO VISTA-15P/VISTA-20P alarm system

Mar 14 2013 08:45 AM | Dan (electron) in Home Security

After helping a member with configuring their VISTA-20P alarm panel for use with X10 (and UPB via the PulseWorx X-10 to UPB Bridge), I decided to post this quick tutorial, as the manual can be rather overwhelming, and I had trouble locating a complete set of instructions.  The tutorial also applies to the VISTA-15P series.
If you have any comments/questions/suggestions, please post them below.

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How to control an electric garage door lock from an Elk M1 (or other) system

Jun 27 2011 12:00 AM | Dan (electron) in Home Security

There is an abundance of Garage Door posts and some write up's about monitoring garage doors here on CocoonTech.com so I decided to document what I did for others to use, modify, copy, etc...

Disclaimer: This write up is for educational purposes only.

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How to interface a wireless doorbell with the Elk M1

Mar 23 2008 01:06 PM | Dan (electron) in Home Security

Products you'll need:

  • Elk M1 Gold or any alarm/automation panel that supports analog zone (I will give instructions for Elk M1 Gold, as this is the one I only have)
  • A very long two-conductor wire -- like a speaker wire (you'll want something much longer than you need -- for example: you'll want a 25' wire even though you're going for a 15' wire)
  • Any wireless doorbell -- perferably battery operated (why would you want to go with A/C while you can go with a battery-operated wireless doorbell when the electricity goes out?) I've chosen a $15 Heath Zenith wireless doorbell, bought from Home Depot. Don't forget the C-type batteries.
  • Wire Nuts (easier than having to solder two wires together)
  • Multi-purpose screw driver (even though you can use individual screw drivers, it helps to keep al the screw heads in one place -- different sizes of flat heads, Philip heads, etc.)

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How to install a home security system

Sep 16 2004 07:28 PM | Dan (electron) in Home Security

Installation of your own home security system offers cost savings, increased available options, and flexability for future changes. There are many different kinds of security systems one can obtain as well as "home brew" one using various home automation techniques.

One common element all security systems will have is the installation of sensors for doors and windows, as well as other sensors including the more common ones of glass break and motion sensors. Other sensors may include fire alarms as well as CO sensors.

This "part-one" series is dedicated to the installation of wired magnetic sensors for doors and windows. It also provides a general installation methodology and troubleshooting/general check-out procedure descriptions.

For users installing a Caddx system and who plan on using the Homeseer plugin with it, you may want to refer to Nitrox's new Installation Instructions!

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