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Inovelli Z-Wave Switch Review
Jan 05 2018  Inovelli now provides Z-Wave light switches for your home automation projects!  Their switches are an attractive solution for your automated light switching needs in they do not require that you purchase a 'companion' switch for three-way lighting applications.  You can use the existing switch for the companion.  Since the switch costs around $30 this is an attractive choice that our forum members should consider.

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How to integrate your car's HomeLink buttons into your HA system
Dec 27 2017  It seems nowadays, most modern vehicles have HomeLink or Car2U - those three little buttons designed to integrate with your garage door openers and gates. Also, the majority of houses in america have only one, maybe 2 garage doors - so there's almost always a spare button or two.
Have you ever wondered how you could very easily integrate those extra buttons into your Home Automation or Security system?

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Automating your home with UPB
Dec 27 2017  A few weeks ago, I was preparing to order a bunch of switches for my house, and was trying to decide the best way to go. I had 8 switches in my last house that were Simply-Automated, so I wanted to stick with those for consistent look/feel. I noticed though, from talking to people and reading posts, that there was misinformation out there.
I decided that, now that I'm 2/3rds of the way through a 60+ device install, I'd share what I know and the things I've learned in the process about the Simply-Automated line and different configuration and programming options you may encounter.

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VidaBox iPad Wall Mount
Feb 08 2013  Another iPad mount? Really? Well, one can hardly fault companies for cashing in on the iPad's market saturation. When it comes to Home Automation, the iPad's low price, high build quality, and ever-expanding App Store make it ideal for the industry. The problem, however, is how to turn what is a traditional tablet into a cost-effective, yet powerful, dedicated touchscreen controller; this is where the mount becomes essential. Recently VidaBox announced their own iPad wall mount, hoping to satistfy the needs of both Home Automation professionals and enthusiasts alike. Have they succeeded in this task? Check past the break for a full hands-on review.