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ComfortClick Manager

ComfortClick Manager enables full building control, monitoring and automation via any device with Android, iOS or Windows platform. ComfortClick Manager offers a comfortable home automation solution for system integrators and DIYs and can be implemented in residential and commercial buildings. The development goals were focused on satisfying the needs of both system integrators and end users.


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Status: Active
Author: ComfortClick d.o.o.
Website: http://www.comfortclick.com
Download: http://www.comfortclick.com/en/login/downloads.html
Forums: http://www.comfortclick.com/index.php?option=com_ccboard&view=forumlist&Itemid=&lang=en
Since: 2008
Latest Version #: 2.1.5
Latest Version Date: 01/11/2013
  • CMServer - application which enables communication with hardware devices and manages logical operations, schedules, etc.
  • CMConfig - application for building automation system configuration.
  • CMClient - application for monitoring and control via iPhone, iPad, Andorid devices, PC, etc
  • CMWeb - enables control via any device with web browser
All three applications are included in each license.
  • Building control via any device with Android, iOS or Windows platform.
  • Support for:
    • KNX system,
    • DSC alarm system,
    • Global Caché devices,
    • IRTrans devices,
    • XBMC,
    • SMA Solar Technology,
    • Modbus,  
    • IP video cameras
    • GSM modems.
  • Possibility of various automation tasks:
    • Logical functions
    • Scenes
    • Schedules
    • Data Logging
    • Calculation
    • Presence simulator
    • Operating time
    • RGB mixer
  • Fast and efficient smart building configuration. The same GUI fits all controlling devices.
  • Customizable icons
  • With only one license CMClient application can be used on any number of controlling devices (iPhone, iPad, Andorid and Windows based devices).
Price: 0
Currency: EUR
Trial: 90
Operating System: Windows
Open Source: No
Web Interface: Yes
Plugin Support: No
1-Wire: Yes
Weather: Yes
Cameras: Yes
Text-To-Speech: Yes
Voice Recognition: No
Scheduled Events: Yes
Triggered Events: Yes
Irrigation: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Protocols: KNX, ModBus, PLC-BUS
Automation & I/O Controllers: Global Caché
RF Interfaces:
Alarm Panels: DSC
Scripting: JavaScript, VB.NET Script
Touch Screen Client: Android, Windows XP/Vista/7, iOS
IR: Global Caché, IRTrans
Audio & Video: XBMC
Energy Monitoring:
Phone Interaction: CallerID, Control, Notifications
External Links:
Installation Notes:


Really love the look and concept of your software.  Do you support Z-wave, or have plans to ?