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CQC is a powerful distributed, software based home automation suite for the Windows platform, though Android and iOS clients are provided by third parties. It is sold in a tiered configuration, with each tier allowing for more devices and touch screen clients. It currenty provides over 200 drivers for devices and network based services.

Status: Active
Author: Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd
Website: http://www.charmedquark.com
Download: http://www.charmedquark.com
Forums: http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum/index.php
Since: 2003
Latest Version #: 4.6.0
Latest Version Date: 11/21/2014
Architecture: CQC is a C++ based product, based on our own large and comprehensive object oriented platform, called CIDLib. CIDLib and CQC together comprise around 900,000 lines of very high quality code, and they provide Charmed Quark with a very high level of control over quality and functionality. CQC is a very network oriented product, based on a similar sort of architecture to that of enterprise level software solutions used in large companies. It's fully client/server based and secure.
Despite its breadth of functionality, CQC is quite light weight, due to it's tight coding in an efficient language.
Price: 199
Currency: USD
Trial: 40
Operating System: Windows
Open Source: No
Web Interface: Yes
Plugin Support: Yes
1-Wire: Yes
Weather: Yes
Cameras: Yes
Text-To-Speech: Yes
Voice Recognition: No
Scheduled Events: Yes
Triggered Events: Yes
Irrigation: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Protocols: ALC, C-Bus, Elegance, HomeWorks, INSTEON, JetStream, LiteTouch, ModBus, RadioRA, RadioRA 2, UPB, Vantage, Z-Wave
Automation & I/O Controllers: Arduino, Barix Barionet, CentraLite LiteJet, ELK M1(G)/EZ8, Global Caché, HAI OmniPro I/II, HomeWorks, ISY, WGL Rain8
RF Interfaces:
Alarm Panels: DSC, ELK M1(G)/EZ8, GE Networkx NX-8/E, HAI OmniPro I/II
Scripting: Proprietary
Touch Screen Client: Android, Windows XP/Vista/7, iOS
IR: Global Caché, Ira 2, Irman, USB-UIRT
Audio & Video: Arcam, Audio Authority, Audio Design Associate, AutoPatch, Denon, DirecTV, Extron, Integra, J. Rivers Media Center, JVC, Krell, LG, Lexicon, MERIDIAN, Marantz, NAD, NuVo, Onkyo, Outlaw, Panasonic, Parasound, Philips, Pioneer, Popcorn, Roku, Rotel, Runco, Russound, SageTV, Sherwood, Sonos, Sony, SqueezeBox, Theta, Tivo, VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Xantech, XBMC, Yamaha, iTunes
Energy Monitoring: Brultech
Phone Interaction: CallerID, Notifications
External Links:
Installation Notes:


Long time CQC user here.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions people might have regarding the system.


IMHO, it's one of the most powerful and flexible DIY systems available today.  Their pricing is built around tiers (the higher the tier the more equipment you can control), but you can intermix and change gear at any time without additional cost.  So if your tier allows you to control 15 devices, you can use any 15 that CQC offers and change them at any time.  This is extremely helpful because we all tend to change gear over time.  If you have have a Denon receiver and then switch it out for a Integra receiver, you don't have to pay CQC additional money to use the new device.  You just remove the Denon device and add the Integra device.

Dan (electron)
Feb 28 2013 01:45 PM

I used to use CQC for a very long time myself, and while the learning curve is pretty steep (I ended up going back to HomeSeer), I did like how the touch screen platform allowed you to design really complex screens (such as multiple PNG's with transparency stacked on top of each other).  I really wish CQC relied on a non-proprietary scripting solution, I think it would attract more people.

Dean Roddey
Feb 28 2013 03:39 PM

I made a few attempts to update the entry. But each time I'd make a small mistake and it would make me go back. And each time I had to go back it lost all of the carefully gone through check box items again. So I kind of gave up.

Dan (electron)
Feb 28 2013 03:44 PM

I'm working on making only a few fields required, so it's more like a wiki.  Originally I planned to use it by myself, but then decided to open up the tool.  Sorry about that.  I'll split these few posts about the issue into a feedback thread once I have this addressed, so the comments are just about the software ;)

Dean Roddey
Feb 28 2013 03:48 PM

I went back and did it a step at a time and got it done.

Dan (electron)
Feb 28 2013 03:52 PM

There, only 7 basic fields are required (Should be filled in already).