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An UNIX based open source home automation system designed to allow users to write automation code in any language.


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Status: Active
Author: Tim Rightnour
Website: https://garbled1.github.io/gnhast/
Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnhast/files/latest/download
Latest Version #: 0.4
Latest Version Date: 3/29/2016
Architecture: Gnhast is based on UNIX, and attempts to make home automation more UNIX-like. If you like the way UNIX works, you will like gnhast. If you despise all the fiddly bits of UNIX, it is not for you.  It is not a point and click automation system, it is a set of tools to let you write your own, without having to write hardware drivers.
There is no built-in pseudo-coding language for making decisions based on sensor data.  Gnhast works similarly to a UNIX kernel, it handles all the hardware, and provides a set API for working with it. If you want to write code that says "when it's light out, turn the outside lights off", then just do that. Write it in perl, python, whatever, and have gnhast just run your executable.
Do you want your garage door to open every night at 18:00? (yikes) Write a script to open the door, and put it in cron.
Finally, it's distributed. Each collector runs on a machine, and gnhastd runs on a machine. The machines do not have to be the same machine. Perhaps you wish to run the core gnhastd on a big server with a massive UPS, but you want to run the insteon collector on a Raspberry PI next to a power outlet in the laundry room. Maybe you have a dedicated machine running Cacti, and you want to run the rrd collector locally there. Gnhast lets you do all this.
Features: Currently supports one-wire sensors, Insteon v2/CS devices, Brultech GEM monitors, wx200/wmr918 weather stations, ad2usb Ademco/Honeywell alarm interfaces, Venstar thermostats, IrrigationCaddy, and rrd export.  Has a gtk-based admin GUI, as well as a web GUI for use in a tablet style automation interface.
Price: 0
Operating System: Linux
Open Source: Yes
Web Interface: Yes
Plugin Support: Yes
1-Wire: Yes
Weather: Yes
Cameras: No
Text-To-Speech: No
Voice Recognition: No
Scheduled Events: Yes
Triggered Events: Yes
Irrigation: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Protocols: INSTEON
Automation & I/O Controllers:
RF Interfaces:
Alarm Panels: Vista
Scripting: LUA, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby
Touch Screen Client:
Audio & Video:
Energy Monitoring: Brultech
Phone Interaction:
External Links: https://github.com/garbled1/gnhast
Installation Notes: