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Control your HAI (Home Automation Inc.) Ethernet-enabled controller from any modern web browser, add advanced features, custom automation logic using JavaScript, integration with other systems, push notifications, email notifications, custom interfaces and much, much more!

Status: Active
Author: Nullriver, Inc.
Website: http://www.nullriver.com/haiku
Download: http://www.nullriver.com/haiku
Since: 2004
Latest Version #: 2.93
Latest Version Date:
Architecture: HaikuHelper is an OS X native service application that adds countless advanced features to your HAI-based home automation system.
Features: HaikuHelper now supports full scripting of the automation system using JavaScript. You can fully control the entire system and receive events and react to them all using the familiar JavaScript scripting language! This new feature adds unparalleled flexibility to your home automation system and to HaikuHelper. You can do many things not previously possible using the built in programming feature of the HAI controller. Full API documentation is included with HaikuHelper, including sample code for many new things that can be done! Great for both installers and end-users familiar with JavaScript to add rich programming capabilities. We're excited to see what you can do with this! Scripting between controllers is supported too for larger homes or anything else you can think of.
But that's not all, there is much more HaikuHelper can do, including:
  • Full JavaScript scripting for the HAI controller.
  • Display status information for your controllers.
  • Send Push Notifications to your iOS devices.
  • Allow access to your controller from any modern web browser.
  • Graph climate statistics, including temperature sensors, humidity sensors and thermostats.
  • Graph & track thermostat runtimes, including heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification.
  • Host User Interfaces for the entire home, or create custom web interfaces for your clients.
  • Display/send Growl notifications.
  • Synchronize your controller's time to match your Mac's time.
  • Update your controller's Energy Cost to match that of your TED 5000 energy monitor.
  • Update a RainAdvisory flag to tell your controller whether rain is expected in your area within the next four days.
  • Monitor and control the humidity on your HAI OmniStat(s) to help prevent water condensation on windows in the winter.
  • Execute buttons on any controller using your Mac.
  • Take advantage of advanced scripting features such as voice-control, text-to-speech, AppleScript, etc.
  • Integrate with other programming/scripting languages such as PHP, etc.
  • Integrate with serial devices.
Price: 49.99
Currency: USD
Trial: 0
Operating System: OS X
Open Source: No
Web Interface: Yes
Plugin Support: Yes
1-Wire: Yes
Weather: Yes
Cameras: Yes
Text-To-Speech: Yes
Voice Recognition: Yes
Scheduled Events: No
Triggered Events: Yes
Irrigation: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Protocols: A10, ALC, Compose, Elegance, INSTEON, JetStream, KNX, ModBus, RadioRA, RadioRA 2, UPB, X10-PLC, X10-RF, Z-Wave, ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Smart Energy
Automation & I/O Controllers: HAI OmniPro I/II
RF Interfaces:
Alarm Panels: DSC, HAI OmniPro I/II
Scripting: AppleScript, JavaScript, LUA, PHP, Perl, Proprietary, Python, Ruby, VB.NET Script, VBScript
Touch Screen Client: iOS
Audio & Video: NuVo, Russound, VLC, Xantech, XBMC, iTunes
Energy Monitoring: Brultech, TED
Plugins: Plugin scripts can be developed.
Phone Interaction: CallerID, Control, Notifications
External Links: http://www.haikuautomation.com/
Installation Notes: