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an open-source Web Application aimed to provide a clean, robust, customizable, fast and intuitive interface to many Home Automation software, including Domoticz, Domotiga, OpenHab and Domogik... and virtually anyone with an http API.


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Status: Active
Author: phpMyDomo
Website: http://www.phpmydomo.org
Download: http://www.phpmydomo.org/download
Latest Version #:
Latest Version Date:
Architecture: With todays chinese phones and tablets starting as low as $50, it becomes a cheap and powerfull way to build remotes to control anything smartly in your house. phpMyDomo wants to be the ultimate WebApp that works as well on these devices, as on any computer browser. phpMyDomo don't aim to replace the cool domotic's software you're currently using, but rather to add a convenient web interface to it.
Currently supported software include Domoticz, Domotiga, OpenHab and Domogik. (+ draft pilight)
Features: - Allow to Switch on/off or Dim (experimental) any supported devices or scenes, from the Dashboard page
-View all sensors at once, or per user defined groups
- View all your IP Cameras on a single page
- Display your photo library from a PhotoFrame like page
- Launch Actions (ie Notifications) triggered by your HomeAutomation software (a simple URL request)
- Responsive design : Display fine on any Android/IOS tablet, phone and any modern (HTML5) web browser
- Multiple Skins, build your own easily
- Multiples languages supported
- Any Home Automation Software supported via Api Plugins
- Easily customizable
- Fast loading
- Minimal server requirements : a php-enabled web server
- Object oriented, MVC design : easily build your own custom pages, in minutes...
- Free and Open Source
- Highest WAF (Wife acceptation Factor) possible
Price: 0
Operating System: Windows, OS X, Linux
Open Source: Yes
Web Interface: Yes
Plugin Support: Yes
1-Wire: Yes
Weather: Yes
Text-To-Speech: Yes
Voice Recognition: No
Scheduled Events: No
Triggered Events: Yes
Irrigation: No
Bluetooth: No
Protocols: A10, ALC, Bye Bye Standby, C-Bus, Compose, DMX, Dupline, Elegance, EnOcean, Home Easy, HomeWorks, INSTEON, JetStream, KNX, KlikAanKlikUit, LightwaveRF, LiteTouch, ModBus, PLC-BUS, RadioRA, RadioRA 2, Rako, UPB, Vantage, WeMo, X10-PLC, X10-RF, Z-Wave, ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Smart Energy, xAP, xPL
Automation & I/O Controllers: Arduino
RF Interfaces: iAutomate Active RFID, CM15A, CM17A, CM19A, Cheaper RFID, MR26A, RFXCOM, W800RF32A, W800USB, Wavetrend RFID
Alarm Panels:
Scripting: JavaScript, PHP
Touch Screen Client:
Audio & Video: XBMC
Energy Monitoring:
Plugins: - Domoticz
- OpenHab
- Domogik
- Domotiga
- Pilight
Phone Interaction:
External Links:
Installation Notes: phpMyDomo WebSite 
Installation Guide