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  Title Author Latest Version Date Description Trial Operating System


Allonis LLC 11/25/2019 myServer is a fifth generation PC based automation and media control software suite. 30 Windows


Indigo Domotics 10/07/2019 Indigo is the most popular Mac-based Smart Home hub with built-in support for Z-Wave (including a... 30 OS X


HomeSeer 10/14/2014 HomeSeer software is a web application written in .NET. The program is available in 2 versions; H... 30 Windows, OS X, Linux


PowerHome Automation LLC. 06/29/2014 PowerHome is one of the few (if not only) packages written in SAP PowerBuilder. Although the num... 30 Windows

Open Source Automation

Various Authors 07/22/2013 The Open Source Automation project is free automation software that runs on Windows and requires... 0 Windows


phpMyDomo an open-source Web Application aimed to provide a clean, robust, customizable, fast and intuitive... Windows, OS X, Linux

Adaptive Home Logic

Acentient Software Adaptive Home Logic is probably a program nt too many people have heard of, but it has been aroun... 30 Windows

Thinking Home

Always Thinking, Inc. An affordable home automation solution for your Mac, supporting INSTEON, X10, 1-Wire and other im... 0 OS X


Sand Hill Engineering Inc. Home Automation software, designed for any Mac, including the MacPlus up to the latest Intel base... 0 OS X

Mister House

Various Authors Mister House is probably the most popular home automation solution for the Linux platform. Since... 0 Windows, OS X, Linux