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CES 2014: Exclusive Update - HomeSeer Technologies

Homeseer Technologies Voice Recognition Breaking News CES Foscam

HomeSeer Technologies was showing their new capabilities with HSTouch mobile apps including automatic video camera support and voice command/recognition during the CES show held in Las Vegas, NV.
CocoonTech visited HomeSeer Technologies during the CES show this year.  HomeSeer has added new features to their HSTouch Mobile Application that includes automatic video camera support and (this is a big plus in my opinion) voice recognition via the Google voice engine on Android mobile hardware that can be used to trigger commands.
This voice command option works really well!  One only has to press the microphone icon on the bottom of the screen to initiate events via the HomeSeer automation software.  Rich Helmke demonstrated this to me and amazingly, the recognition worked well in spite of all the horrendous background noise of the CES convention (and he didn't have to 'shout' the commands either)!
Attached Image: hstouch.jpg
This feature goes beyond simple commands as it can be used to customize events such as (as their press release states) "On Saturday, at 4:30 pm, turn the outside lights on for 3 hours"
They also have a 'canned' touch screen setup for mobile phone apps (for a quick 'out of the gate' setup) that can also be heavily customized by the user.
Other new features include ease of setting up video cameras with their HSTouch (no more trying to figure out the obscure URL to get this to work with a mobile app).  Presently their cameras only include the Foscam model, but other cameras should be added in the future.
Attached Image: hscam.jpg
The mobile screens looked great during the presentation and will be a welcome addition to anyone using HSTouch (which is included with their new HomeTroller Zee device by the way).