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Gripdaddy Headrest Mount

Adjustable rubber holders grasp the iPad tight. Your iPad won't come out of the Applegrip going over bumps, or with sudden stops.* Sleek compact design that doesn't get in your way. No clumsy big bracket hanging down the back of your seat where kids can kick it.* Mounts to your headrest in seconds! No tools needed or bothersome straps to mess with to install it or to take it off.* Mounts the iPad high and close to the back of the headrest where a headrest monitor should be.


Attached Image: 8065914.jpg

Manufacturer: Powell Designs LLC.
SKU: iPad7.5
URL: http://www.gripdaddymounts.com/index.php?p=1_6_Gripdaddy-Headrest-Mount
MSRP: 59.95
Currency: USD
Charging: Yes
Power Cord Visible: Yes
Docking: No
Removable: Yes
Covered Home Button: No
Orientation: Landscape
Multiple Colors/Finishes: No
Mounting Method: Other
Impact: None
Location: Vehicle
Compatibility: iPad 1