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Headrest Mount

Arkonís Headrest Mount for iPad 2 is an elegant solution that attaches to the carís headrest posts. The mount consists of two core components, a high-quality universal headrest mounting pedestal and a custom fit iPad 2 holder. * Universal mounting: fits nearly all headrests with uniquely designed, adjustable hooks that attach to headrest posts * Complete 360į rotation for landscape and portrait viewing with 45į horizontal and lateral tilt, can be locked into position * Custom protective holder fits your iPad 2 for easy access to buttons and ports


Attached Image: vert2.jpg

Manufacturer: Arkon Resources, Inc.
URL: http://www.arkon.com/iPad_accessories/ipad-2-headrest-mount.html
MSRP: 39.95
Currency: USD
Charging: Yes
Power Cord Visible: Yes
Docking: No
Removable: Yes
Covered Home Button: No
Orientation: Landscape
Multiple Colors/Finishes: No
Mounting Method: Clamp
Impact: None
Location: Vehicle
Compatibility: iPad 2