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Pad Bracket

The Pad Bracket™ is a simple system for mounting your iPad to the wall. The Pad Bracket™ allows you to place your iPad™ in convenient places around your home and office.Simply screw the Pad Bracket™ to the wall and place your iPad™ on it. Your iPad™ will sit securely in both landscape and portrait orientation.


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Manufacturer: ClayWare Games
SKU: b1
URL: http://www.claywarestore.com/pad_bracket.html
MSRP: 19.95
Currency: USD
Charging: Yes
Power Cord Visible: Yes
Docking: No
Removable: Yes
Covered Home Button: No
Orientation: Landscape, Portrait
Multiple Colors/Finishes: Yes
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Impact: Screw Holes
Location: On-Wall
Compatibility: iPad 1, iPad 2