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Padholdr for home will get you everything needed to mount your Padholdr to the wall or any flat surface. The Padholdr also comes complete with two sets of adjustments depending on if you have a case or not for your ipad. When using your ipad with the Belkin reciever you can stream music on any home reciever. The Padholdr for home is the most stylish and user friendly mount for your ipad on the market.


Attached Image: mg0010.jpg

Manufacturer: padholdr.com
URL: http://padholdr.com/padholdr-headrest-kit/
MSRP: 149.95
Currency: USD
Charging: Yes
Power Cord Visible: Yes
Docking: No
Removable: Yes
Covered Home Button: No
Orientation: Landscape
Multiple Colors/Finishes: Yes
Mounting Method: Cradle, Strap
Impact: Screw Holes
Location: Anywhere
Compatibility: iPad 1, iPad 2
Notes: They offer various kits, allowing you to mount the iPad anywhere, including cars.