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  Title Author Price Currency Description Designed For

IT Espacios

CommandFusion 0.00 USD IT Espacios has developed the most advanced and... iPhone/iPod/iPad

Vera Mobile

SQnP 0.00 USD Control your zwave devices. It works with MiCa... iPhone/iPod

SmartHome QLink

Home Automation Middle East, LLC 34.99 USD The Home Automation Remote is the ideal applica... iPhone/iPod

MobiLinc HD Home Automation Controller

Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC 39.99 USD Using the Universal Devices ISY 26/99, SmartLin... iPhone/iPod/iPad

Bright House Networks Home Security

Bright House Networks, LLC 0.00 USD Bright House Networks Home Security is a new ho... iPhone/iPod/iPad


Fuzhou Tinyo Technology Co., Ltd 0.00 USD This easy-to-use application provides real-time... iPhone/iPod

SmartHome iDom

SmartHomePT 0.00 USD Control your ligths and blinds from everywhere!... iPhone/iPod/iPad


Vestiacom 0.00 USD In order to use myStrom with your iPhone, you h... iPhone/iPod


automationNEXT GmbH 0.00 USD Control your home with your finger-tips. x.live... iPhone/iPod

Domotic TCP

Lorenzo Greco 18.99 USD Domotic TCP is an iPhone and iPod Touch applica... iPhone/iPod

Smart Home Control G4-SBUS

Smart Home Group 0.00 USD Demo for Smart Home Automation Control App. Goo... iPhone/iPod


HDL 0.00 USD Using the HDL home automation software you can... iPhone/iPod/iPad

Switch Automation.

Switch Automation 0.00 USD Switch Automation App - the iPad and iPhone int... iPhone/iPod/iPad

My Bosch Remote

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 0.00 USD The My Bosch Remote App provides access to the... iPhone/iPod


Came Cancelli Automatici S.p.A 0.00 USD Are you out? Want to turn down the rolling shut... iPhone/iPod/iPad

DoIP Remote

Pixelspark 0.00 USD With DoIP Remote, you can control devices that... iPhone/iPod

Domotica LE

INGEGNI Tech S.r.l. 0.00 USD This domotic application permits to take remote... iPhone/iPod/iPad


Artkod d.o.o. 0.00 USD ontrol and dim your lights, adjust zone tempera... iPhone/iPod

Nest Mobile

Nest Labs 0.00 USD Control your home's temperature from anywhere.... iPhone/iPod

Heatmiser WiFi Thermostat

Heatmiser UK 0.00 USD The FREE Heatmiser WiFi Stat app lets you contr... iPhone/iPod


Lywares Lab. 0.00 USD PLAYHOME is a made in ITALY Home Automation Sys... iPhone/iPod/iPad

InControl Light Controller

Moonlit Software, LLC 5.99 USD With InControl, you can be in control of your h... iPhone/iPod

Nexho 2

Farho Domotica S.L. 0.00 USD You can use NEXHO2 if you are already using NEX... iPhone/iPod/iPad

Nexho 3

Farho Domotica S.L. 0.00 USD You can use NEXHO3 if you are already using NEX... iPhone/iPod/iPad

Dierre Smart Door

Dierre Spa 0.00 USD Control your BiElettra security door with the S... iPhone/iPod