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ZoneMinder is a popular Linux based CCTV application, relying on the common LAMP stack. It supports most capture hardware supported by the Linux kernel, as well as IP cameras.


Attached Image: Screenshot-Home%20-%20Console%20-%20Mozilla%20Firefox_01.jpgAttached Image: Screenshot-Home%20-%20Montage%20-%20Mozilla%20Firefox_01.jpgAttached Image: Screenshot-Home%20-%20PTZ%20-%20Live%20-%20Mozilla%20Firefox1.jpgAttached Image: Screenshot-Home%20-%20Zone%20-%20Mozilla%20Firefox1.jpgAttached Image: Montage-Aircam-Grandstream.jpg

Author: Triornis Ltd
Website: http://www.zoneminder.com
Price: 0
Currency: USD
Version: 1.25.0
Date: 08/26/2011
Cloud Access: No
Cloud Price:
Operating System: Linux
Trial: 0
Status: Abandoned
Open Source: Yes
Mobile Viewer:
Run As Service: Yes
Command Line: No
Languages: No
Plugins: No
Remote Capture: No
Webserver: Configuration, Access Archived Data/Events, Access Live Video
Sources: Capture Cards, USB Cameras, IP Cameras/Encoders (VGA), IP Cameras/Encoders (HD)
Actions: Upload to FTP, Send E-Mail, SMS
Recording Options:
Thumbnail Event Viewer: Yes
PTZ Tracking:
Triggers: Motion Detection


Here I have been using it for around 10  years now and it works well for me.

I added a montage view of the Aircam / Grandstream IP cameras at 720.  I am not sure what a wide angle lens will do to the Grandstream view.  RIght now the Aircam is using a 2.5mm lens and the Grandstream is using an 8mm lens.

umm. development status=abandoned?

Is this software abandoned?

No I don't believe its abandoned as the forum is pretty active today.

Version 1.26-beta.2 has been released around August 16, 2013.

I am still running v1.24.2 modded a bit.


I did write a DIY for a 32bit ZM box here: