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The 2GIG CT30 Programmable Thermostat is specifically designed to be used with 2GIG alarm system. With this easy-to-use Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat, you can adjust the unit using the tips of your finger and click on the functions and commands visible on its screen.


Attached File  2GIG-CT30 - Installation Guide - Radio Thermostat.pdf   396.29K   118 downloads
Attached File  2GIG ZWave CT30e Thermostat Opearations Guide.pdf   294.84K   132 downloads

Manufacturer: 2GIG
Website: http://www.2gig.com
MSRP: 100
Compatibility: Electric, Gas, Oil
Heat Stages: 2
Cool Stages: 2
Automation Interface(s): Z-Wave
Cloud Access: No
LAN Access: No
Standalone: Yes
Humidifier: Yes
Dehumidifier: Yes
Remote Sensors: No
Filter Reminder: No
Scheduling: Yes
Occupancy: No
Damper Control: Yes
Touch Screen: Yes
Notes: Designed by Radio Thermostat Company of America
Warranty: 1 Year
Photo: http://cocoontech.com/forums/uploads/984f924bfe66dd3d133552bd386c002f.png