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  1. Venstar Announces New Built-in API for ColorTouch Thermostats, Enabling Third-party Application Integration

    CHATSWORTH, Calif., Jan. 22, 2014 — Venstar®, a leading thermostat and energy management systems supplier, today announced its new developer API for its ColorTouch® residential and commercial color touch screen, programmable thermostats. 
    “We are pleased to announce the ColorTouch API that enables third-party developers to create integrated applications for remote monitoring and control of the ColorTouch thermostats,” said Steve Dushane, CEO of Venstar. “This gives home automation companies and others the ability to integrate ColorTouch into their systems so their users can control all their home systems including temperature from a single interface.” 
    Now developers can use ColorTouch’s built-in API (in firmware updates 3.08 and newer) to create applications that will allow the thermostat to be controlled by third-party applications, including home automation companies. This new API gives developers the ability to monitor and control ColorTouch’s Schedule, Mode, Temperature and other settings from their own products. 
    To support third-party development, Venstar has created a Developer site (http://developer.venstar.com) that provides an overview and guide to utilizing ColorTouch’s built-in API for creation of integrated applications for remote monitoring and control of ColorTouch thermostats. It also has examples in a variety of programming languages that will help developers generate the codes needed to create applications. 
    The API has successfully been used by leading home automation company Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) of Shakopee, Minn., to create a new driver that allows users to control and receive feedback from ColorTouch thermostats on RTI control interfaces. With RTI's new driver, residential and commercial users receive extensive feedback from their ColorTouch thermostats and view it on their RTI user interface — including temperature, humidity levels, and energy usage information — and make quick adjustments to their environmental and conservation settings from anywhere within the home or facility. In addition, with the RTiPanel application, users can control their thermostats and other home electronic systems such as lighting and security from virtually anywhere in the world, without having to switch between apps on their mobile devices. 
    About the ColorTouch Residential Thermostats (Models T5800 and T5900) 
    The ColorTouch® thermostat has won top awards for ease of programmability, its color touch screen and the ability to post up to 100 photos or graphics on the screen. Consumer Reports rated ColorTouch Number 1 in thermostats for the second year in a row in its November 2013 issue. Also available are free mobile apps for Android™, BlackBerry® and Apple® iOS® mobile devices, so contractors or homeowners can remotely access and control their ColorTouch thermostats via their Venstar Skyport Cloud online accounts. Compatible with virtually every type of heating and air conditioning system, ColorTouch can be configured to display one of three languages: English, French or Spanish. ColorTouch is the thermostat that thinks it’s a digital picture frame! 
    For more information on updating ColorTouch firmware, visit Update the 
    ColorTouch Firmware. 
    For more information on ColorTouch, visit http://www.venstar.com/Thermostats/. 
    For product videos, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8reHhhLdMQ. 
    About Venstar Inc. 
    Founded in 1992, Venstar Inc. is a leading thermostat and energy management system (EMS) supplier, known for providing value to its customers via ease of use and installation, proven cost savings, improved energy efficiency, quality and reliability. Venstar is one of the largest thermostat suppliers in the world and designs and produces Venstar-branded products, as well as OEM thermostat products for the biggest names in HVAC. Venstar’s Surveyor is a leading energy management system, typically saving small-box retailers 25-35 percent of their energy costs, which translates to tens of millions of dollars in savings each year and dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions. currently controls the energy usage of more than 20,000+ retail locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. 
    Visit Venstar: www.venstar.com 
    Email: [email protected] 
    Telephone: 818-341-8760 
    # # # 
     PR Contacts: 
    Teri Sawyer, T&Co. 
    [email protected] 
    Michele Johnsen, T&Co. 
    [email protected] 


    • Jan 30 2014 08:20 PM
    • by Dan (electron)
  2. New iRule 3.0 for iOS release adds support for Vera, ISY and more

    iRule for iOS Version 3.0 
    iRule version 3.0 for iOS has been released. Current users can update their iRule app from the App Store free of charge. 
    Revisions and Additions 
    Builder Handset Wizard 
    Now you can create a new working handset in just a couple of minutes! Really! Pick a handset, select a theme, choose activities and devices, which device(s) control the input switching and volume, and the new Builder Handset Wizard does the rest! When you're finished, you'll still be able to tweak and customize just like you always could. It only takes a few minutes to try, so what are you waiting for? 
    Builder Activity Wizard 
    Get a new device and need to add a new activity to a handset? Use the Activity Wizard and add a shared Panel and automatically assign the device commands. 
    Lutron Automation Module 
    The Automation Module for Lutron RadioRA 2 enables simple control of Lutron lighting, scenes, and thermostats. Drag and drop a light module and get a slider dimmer, on/off button, and two-way feedback, all with no programming! The Lutron thermostat module controls HVAC and includes all the heat/cool, fan, and manual controls, with full feedback of temperature and system status. 
    HAI Automation Module 
    The Automation Module for HAI enables simple control of lights and thermostats using HAI's popular Omni control system. Drag and drop a light module and get a slider dimmer, on/off button, and two-way feedback. The thermostat module includes all the heat/cool, fan, and manual controls, with full feedback of temperature and system status, all with simple drag-and-drop configuration! 
    ISY Automation Module 
    The Automation Module for ISY enables simple control of Insteon lights, thermostats, and more using Universal Devices' popular ISY series of home automation appliances. Drag and drop a light module into a remote and get a slider dimmer, on/off button, and visual feedback. The thermostat module includes heat/cool, fan, and manual control modes, with full feedback of temperature and system status. Add powerful, integrated, control and automation to a home's lighting, appliances, and more with iRule, ISY, and Insteon. 
    Vera Automation Module 
    The Automation Module for Vera controls Z-Wave devices via the Mi Casa Verde Vera family of automation controllers. Simply drag and drop the Automation Module into your remote, and control light switches and dimmers, locks, and more with visual feedback. Add powerful integrated control and automation to a home's lighting, appliances, and more with the iRule, Z-Wave, and Mi Casa Verde Vera. 
    3M/Radio Thermostat Module 
    The Radio Thermostat Module is a simple drag-and-drop module to add iRule control of the affordable family of thermostats from Radio Thermostat (and private label alternatives from 3M Filtrete, LockState Connect, and Homewerks.) The thermostat module includes all the heat/cool, fan, and manual modes, with full feedback of temperature and system status. Add simple, efficient, cost-effective HVAC control to a home with iRule and a Wi-Fi thermostat by Radio Thermostat. 
    Leviton Module Update 
    The Leviton Z-Wave Automation Module now supports thermostats! Control Z-Wave lighting, locks, and thermostats via the Leviton Vizia RF controller. The thermostat gives offers control of heat/cool, fan, and manual modes with full graphical feedback. 
    Onkyo-Integra Module Multizone Support 
    The Onkyo-Integra Module now supports multiple zones on 2012 Onkyo-Integra receivers and processors with multizone streaming capability. Now, somebody can be watching football in the den, and listen to Pandora or Spotify in the living room! 
    Modified Templates 
    We've done some work on the templates to support the New Handset Wizard, and we've added a few more templates to support a couple more popular Android devices. There are still more to come, but we wanted to support a few of the more popular devices as soon as possible. 
    Gateway Configurator 
    iRule is now smarter about how gateways are added and configured. Now, when you sync a handset, iRule will check to see which devices aren't configured, and if you want, search the network to find the appropriate devices and even configure the gateway for you. If it's a serial device connected to a Global Caché GC-100 or iTach, iRule will even configure the serial port! We can't automatically discover everything, but this makes setting up a new handset much easier for new users and experienced professionals alike. 
    Multifile Upload 
    Yes, it's true! You can now give your mouse a rest and upload an entire folder full of images to your account all at once. 
    Global Delays 
    You can now set a global value for all new delays, or you can change all the delays to a specific value in a Handset, Panel, or Page. 
    Improved Project Load Speed 
    Significant improvements have been made to the speed at which projects are loaded into the Builder. 
    Improved Sync Times 
    Dynamic syncing is now improved for repetitive editing and syncing where minor changes are applied. 
    Image Properties Display 
    Improved image properties pane to display image X-Y dimensions and labeled image file size in bytes. 
    Sync iPhone Handset on iPad 
    It's back! Better, really. When we unified iPhone and iPad apps to eliminate confusion, one side-effect was losing the ability run the iPhone version on an iPad and sync an iPhone handset. With iRule 3, that capability is back. It still isn't the best experience, and we don't generally recommend the practice, but it can come in handy in a pinch. 
    Gateway Backup/Restore Confirmation 
    A dialog will request confirmation before overwriting the Gateway settings on the server or in the app before a Gateway Backup or Restore. 
    Other Changes and Fixes 
    - Moved the Sync tab under More instead of Devices. 
    - Corrected numerical feedback parsing of more than 1-byte data size. 
    - Fixed an issue with commands not sending if phone brightness was set to zero. 
    - Fixed copy/paste image so newly pasted images are placed on top of an existing label.


    • Mar 18 2013 08:24 PM
    • by Dan (electron)
  3. Cinemar Announces New Web Designer for Touch Devices

    Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, 03/13/2013 – Cinemar, Inc., a leading provider of affordable home automation and media management solutions since 2002, is proud to announce the the lastest beta release of the Web Designer for touch devices. Do you own an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone and were hoping that you could design stunning scenes for controlling your home automation and media devices? The wait is over. Carrying on in the tradition of the MainLobby Designer for Flash clients the Web Designer brings all the features and functionalty of great User Interface designs to today's latest generation of mobile devices.
    Unlike other Home Automation products that force you to use canned apps on your mobile device the new Web Designer allows you to easily build your own custom web apps for your favorite mobile device. Fully functional sample apps are provided for iPads and Android tablets. The design possibilities are only limited to your imagination.


    • Mar 21 2013 01:42 PM
    • by BraveSirRobbin
  4. Home Automation Software List

    Just a quick reminder, the (ultimate) home automation software list can now be found here.
    This list is extremely popular, and it allows you to find software based on 1 or more of the many searchable features.
    Highly recommended if you are still on the fence about which solution to go with.
    If you already have made your choice, please take a moment to rate/comment the software.

    • Feb 14 2013 12:43 PM
    • by Dan (electron)