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wireless switch garage door opener

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Posted 12 December 2009 - 09:59 AM

I posted earlier about my garage door opener and how the remotes quit working, and the circuit board in the opener is obsolete, while the rest of the opener seems like new, and how I bought a remote control to "push the button", and how it's range is too short, and trying to extend the range by extending the antenna outside with a piece of coax.... whew... I gotta take a breath.

Anyway, extending the antenna seems to have made zero difference, good or bad. Funny... I cut off the antenna about to 1/10 of what it originally was, and extended it outside using a piece of coax. I skinned the coax to the same length as the original, and stretched it out about 15' closer to the house and outside the garage. You'd think it'd would have made SOME sorta difference one way or another... but it will sometimes shut the open door, but will never open the shut door from any greater distance than originally... makes me think it's still receiving from inside the garage... which makes me think "what good was the original antenna that I cut off?" I would say it made absolutely no difference.

I see that wireless switches are available that transmit to a reciever to turn stuff on and off.
They spec. that they have a range of about 100 ft. , which is about exactly as far as the range of the replacement remote control I bought... that is too short.

I am assuming these switches use the existing wiring to transmit. I would estimate that the distance traveling the route of the wiring would probably be closer to 200 ft.

The original opener worked from my house and the keychain remote will open the car trunk from the house while the car is in the garage.

Does anyone have experience with a similar product that might be able to "push the button" in the garage from my house? I hate to throw away a perfectly good opener, but they aren't all that expensive, and pretty soon I'll have the price of a new one in "fixes" that don't work. I'd like to try one more time, before I junk the whole opener.


EDIT I see I posted in the wrong forum... sorry. It's no disgrace to be dumb but it's unhandy as h&##.

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Posted 12 December 2009 - 04:45 PM

Ok, did some quick searching and found these links. Hope this helps:




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