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Alarm Subpanel (keeping it neat with splice options)

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Posted 08 December 2011 - 12:55 AM

By Panduit, are people referring to 'finger channel' aka 'slotted wiring duct'?

I found slotted wiring duct at my local electrical supply house, in gray and white, in various sizes, at half the cost of Panduit brand.

Hard to find black slotted wiring duct, though. Wanted to use black in combination with DIN rail mount terminal blocks, in the rear of my rack. Ended up with lacer bars, my second choice.

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Posted 08 December 2011 - 08:03 AM

Panduit is a generic term, like romex, but panduit is generally referred to in my area as either plastic wire trough or plastic wiremold.

I've never seen black wire duct, only grey or white.

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 03:45 AM

Wondering why everyone here seems to always lay their Elk cards on the flat instead of using the SWG's? I don't really see the benefits other than being able to visually look at the boards. Seems like they negate the depth of the enclosure and take up 1/2 the width.

I agree with the others... I think it has to do with the fact that in a professional installation, you expect the install it and close the cover and actually prefer they don't open the cover - ever. The homeowner likely wouldn't know what he was looking at anyways. If the person is showing off their system, they're probably showing off the keypad - but even that is generally flaunting wealth and probably a bit less common. If someone tried asked them to explain their system, they wouldn't have a clue - they'd just say what it cost and who to call.

For the average DIY'er, they know what every board does; and how unique their special light switches are. They tend to enjoy showing off how cool the system is, trying to explain how it works (despite the looks of confusions), and even showing off the "Brains" of the system. I'd bet in some ways making the system look bigger and more complex plays into the "showoff" factor a little bit.

When people tour my house, they get a peak at the brains... it's fun to show. I wouldn't have spent the money on the 50" smoked plexi channel-vision door if I didn't want to show it off a little! A 14x14 square of cards you can barely see with wires sticking out the edges just wouldn't have looked that impressive compared to a big spread of circuitboards with flashing lights!

That said, when I do pro installs, I do the same thing- bundle them up tight & compact; waste no space; and close the door hoping nobody but me ever opens it again.

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