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Is LSA40S the way to go?

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 07:10 PM

Looking for some ideas regarding the LSA40. I have a Nuvo Essentia and in one zone (sun room) I have a TV that I would like to redirect it's audio to the Nuvo's speakers when we are using the television. I believe the LSA40 is the right way to go here but am a little perplexed regarding where I should install it. From what I can tell the speaker wire (which today runs from the ceiling looped through wall box where the Nuvo control pad for that room is located and on to the Essentia in another part of the house) needs to been connected to the LSA40 and then on to the Essentia head unit. Also, a 12v trigger needs to be run from the LSA40 to the Nuvo keypad. Obviously the TV line-level audio and power need to also run to the LSA40. I could either install the LSA40 behind the TV (and then would need to find a way to get the speaker wire there + the 12v trigger from that location to the keypad) or install it next to the keypad in a double-gang wall box (and just get the TV audio to that location, plus some power).

Questions are: (1) are there limitations to the length of the 12v trigger? If I put the LSA40 behind the TV, that's likely to be something on the order of 30ft. (2) Is the LSA40 the best solution for this application? The audio out from the TV isn't amplified. Should I just try to run a line-level cable from the TV to the Essentia itself and make the TV a source for the Essentia? That run would be approx. 50ft.

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 01:08 AM

Hi coleclark - I saw you ask the similar question in a different thread but didn't have a chance to respond.

I'm not a nuvo user specifically, but I can answer a few other portions of this...

For a 12V trigger, distance really won't be a concern. If you're driving electronics, voltage loss comes into play - but for a trigger, it really shouldn't matter.

As for the audio runs - it really doesn't matter which way you go... except, if you're distributing line-level audio, there's the potential for the introduction of noise the longer the run is and the more noisy sources it passes by. That said, using a shielded audio cable and smart wire paths would negate that. 30-50ft is nothing once you've added some amount of shielding, or avoided running near noise sources.

If you're running Nuvo, it does seem like the way to go - but I admit, I don't know the product line that well lately.

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