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Kodi - Premise connection problem

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#1 AmigaZoid



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Posted 27 April 2017 - 09:29 AM

I while back, I followed all the videos and had everything set up between Kodi and Premise including voice control with Alexa and Google Home.  That was about 6 months ago.  I was busy with other projects and decided to add some zwave switches to my home so I was revisiting my setup.  I noticed that there was a new Kodi module so I updated that also.  Here's my problem.  The port connected to Kodi is open but I'm not getting a response from my Kodi box which is the same PC.  The only changes that I can think of since I had it running before is that I upgraded to Windows 10 and the latest Kodi version.  I also upgraded to Win 10 Pro yesterday so I can remote desktop into the PC. 


I do get an event fail when I imported the Kodi2.3 module, something about RGBY with Red,Green, etc. but I ignored that.  Also tried a fresh Premise install but still get the same Kodi module messages.  Following the videos, I tried to telnet into Kodi (on the same machine) but I get an endless connection attempt.  No error message or connection message.  I was wondering if anyone encountered this before or any advise what to try next?  It was all working before 6 months ago.  Oh, would VPN cause issues?


Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 03:41 AM

Fixed my own problem.  I set the port to 9090 in Kodi webservice and restarted Kodi.  Evidently restarting Kodi does not actually change the port setting to the one displayed.  Telnet would still fail and I tried this on multiple machines.  Everything worked perfectly simply by turning off "Allow control by HTTP" and turning it back on.  Verified on multiple machines.  I hope this helps anyone else having a similar issue.

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Posted 02 May 2017 - 04:41 PM

Won't work again.  I had some other issues and did a clean windows install and set everything back up.  Everything is working except when I try to impart the library.  i'm using a mySQL server to manage my library.  Do I need to worry about this or does Kodi handle the connection?

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Posted 02 May 2017 - 04:50 PM

I do not utilize Premise and have a few Kodi boxes here.  I do not remote control the kodi boxes with Homeseer but do like to remote automation from them sometimes.  Switched over from MS Media center many many years ago. 


For the remote control port validation stuff just go to the configuration xml files which are in your home directory under dot kodi or something similar.  Use an xml  edit or just notepad in windows to look see.  Everything is there.  The old kodi samba gui configuration used to be sort of messed up such that I went direct to the samba configuration file to make adjustments way long time ago.


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I did update one to Krypton and get tickles now on all of them to update.  I did downgrade the updated one back to Jarvis. I will probably go back to Krypton soon.  They rewrote much of Kodi.  Still utilize mySQL here but seeing a trend now towards MariaDB.  The messages indicate that old KODI will be obsolete shortly.


I have tried Kodi in Android and Windows but have stuck to a DIY'd Ubuntu 64bit Linux core base for my Kodi Boxes.  I always ssh or utilize Webmin here to remote do stuff on the Kodi boxes and rarely look at the lite desktop on the Kodi boxes.  (I do have one of those mini IBM remote single handed remotes for it - buttons are too small so switch it to my Logitech wireless keyboard/pad for stuff sometimes).  I update via SSH sometimes while watching KODI (but do not reboot until afterwards).

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