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How to reset HAI Omnipro II eprom ?

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#1 dlschwerin



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Posted 22 August 2020 - 02:18 PM

have been searching all over the place with directions on how to reset the EPROM for my HAI Omnipro II.   The software version is 4.08.


to give an idea of what I am experiencing and have been experiencing since the purchase of my house with it the Omnipro II.   After several months I decided to change the network from the 10/100 switch that everything was attached to ... to that of a 10/100/1000 switch.  Once I made the "switch" to DLink switch we started to have reset issues (almost on a daily basis).  From that point found out that the Omnipro II internet bus did not like the gig system and switched it to its own switch (which is a Level One 10/100 switch).  This seemed to help a lot and we went from the daily resets to almost nothing in several months.   Well over the past several weeks started to have reset issues again.   Nothing has changed on the network (run an Orbi Mesh attached to (2) Trendnet 10/100/1000 switches and the Level One switch).   The IP address has not changed for the Omni Pro II and the system gets updated time from Homeseer 4.


after discussion today with a friend who previously installs HAI systems he indicated that this problem could be with the EPROM and recommended powering down the HAI system for 45 minutes to dispel all of the capacitors and then reset the EPROM.   At this time cannot find out how to reset the EPROM from the panel.


1. is this an issue with the EPROM causing the system to have resets?

2. how do I actually reset the EPROM using firmware version 4.08?

3. will this crash my HAI system?





#2 RAL



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Posted 22 August 2020 - 03:37 PM

Steps to do a factory reset can be found in this post.   If you do that, you will lose all your configuration data.


There are other, more knowledgeable folks here who can advise you better on the network issues.   My guess is that the EPROM is not the source of your problem.

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Posted 23 August 2020 - 10:03 AM

The networking issue is related to the legacy type of network chip on the OP2.  The fix is to route the traffic (layer 2-3).  You can do this two ways.  One is to get a managed switch that does layer 2-3 router or use a router.  Here on the forum have posted the way I am doing this.  I am using a micro router powered by the panel.  Been working fine now for a few years.
A 10Mbs 1/2 duplex legacy hub or setting on the switch port or VLAN will not work. 
I concur with RAL that it most likely will not be fixed with a cold reset of your panel.
There have been numerous posts on the Cocoontech forum relating to panels resetting themselves.  Could be numerous issues like a defective console or defective charging circuit or even battery or programming lines which are looping in themselves or a powered zone shorting out or a lightning strike....

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