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Update to Insteon driver posted

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Posted 06 March 2008 - 09:20 AM

I've updated the Insteon driver located in the files area. New in this version:

Enhancements (Requires V0.2.1 of the Insteon XDO)
  • Added "Download Core App" function. User updates the desired PLC core app file location (default is timercoreapp12) and triggers the Download coreapp property.
  • Added "Progress" property to track long-running operations. Currently reflects status of core app download and Detect operations.
  • Bug-fixes
  • Removed email notification of SDM failure. SDM function isn't working properly
A complete feature list is included in the Version History document in the ZIP file.


I just posted version 1.4.0. This version implements better Insteon group handling, and fixes (I hope) the flashing lights problem a couple of folks have reported. You must deinstall the existing Premise Insteon driver and then reinstall this one. The kit also includes a required update to the Smarthome Device Manager (their latest version) and a required update to the XDO file. Both need to be installed prior to starting up the new driver. You should not need to remove the old XDO. Simply import the new version on top of the old version (that should keep your existing configuration in-tact).
From the release notes:

Enhancements (Requires V0.2.3 of the Insteon XDO, make sure it is imported prior to startup of the Insteon driver)
  • Supports Smartlabs SDM V1.101.122.308. This version must be installed on target machine prior to startup of the Insteon driver.
  • Added Group Cleanup messages Required re-working of how group devices are handled
  • Each Group Device has a property called "Cleanups". When enabled, group cleanup messages are sent to each device in a group after a group command is sent. This is an Insteon feature that makes group processing more reliable.
  • Devices within a group are now enumerated in Builder under the Insteon Group Device. Use the "Detect" function to initially populate devices under the corresponding groups
  • Internal architecture change to how the clsInsteonGroup class now directly handles PowerState and Brightness processing (previously, groups were a special case under the clsInsteonDimmer class, current approach is cleaner from a code perspective)
  • Corrected synchronization of Brightness property within Premise on startup. Premise powerstate and brightness now reflect the actual state of the device on driver startup.
  • Fixed race condition that, under certain conditions, would cause lights to flash if powerstate were toggled rapidly. Implemented a rudimentary locking mechanism that does not recognize a change in powerstate during processing of a previous powerstate change.
Known issues
  • Group cleanups are not working exactly as Smarthome has indicated. Blind NAK's are received for each device in the group. Possible bug in the SDM or TimerCoreapp12 investigating with Smarthome. However, it appears as if the cleanup messages are sent properly.
Sun Mar 25, 2007 2:04 pm
V1.4.2 Enhancements

Implemented another method to detect a PLC failure.
Occasionally, the PLC gets into a state where it generates a significant number of event "9" messages. These are supposed to be indications of extended X10 codes received. However, the frequency of the event "9" messages cannot possibly be due to X10 traffic. It's likely that the PLC hardware has gotten into a race condition that requires a hard reset to clear. The driver now issues a "sendhardreset" command when this condition is detected.


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