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Posted 07 March 2008 - 09:29 AM

Downloaded HSDK to only find out that majority of Help folder information is missing. Considering the titles of the chapters it had to be very valuable info for driver designers.

Does anybody know if full version of "Help" is available anywhere?
Maybe some of you guys have it and are willing to share?

Also wanted to do tutorial for developing a basic device driver from HSDK. For this purpose downloaded Visual Studio 2005 Express though while attempting to install Visual Studio 2005 Wizard from HSDK I'm getting error message.."Can't find registry key for Visual Studio 2005..."
Does that mean that I will need full version of VS 2005 to be able to run this wizard?

It was never completed. They also cut off the driver development forum,
so all detailed info here is not available.

Express will not work. You need a full version of VS 2005 to build.

You can also use VS6, but with back dated HSDK.
That sucks. So what do you guys do about new drivers?
What about those generic drivers that are available in the program?
Did anybody try to modify them and how does that work?
It is what it is. There's only a handful of a couple who have actually developed drivers. A few of them are responding on this list, myself included. Myself I had a learning cycle prior to successfully implementing drivers. Understanding ATL and C++ templates is somewhat required. In the driver forum there was reasonable discussion on how drivers are interrogated prior to loading.

Another method of implementing a driver is to use MiniBroker to attach to a SYS server. This gives a developer a bit more flexibility. I believe I have a WinCE/ARM build of Minibroker.dll for those that might be interested.

Joel. Thanks for your response and patience.

I'm just thinking about learning some basics of programming and may be try to do something on my own, so any help is really appreciated.
If I for example wanted to integrate Russound caa66 what kind of driver should I use in Premise? Is there any generic driver available in the program?
You can implement driver using VB Script, Native (special ATL DLL module), or remote driver via MiniBroker object.

You might want to start implementing driver using VB Script. The learning curve for a Native driver may be quite high.

Search the forums for vb script based drivers and see how things are done. There should be a number of drivers you can look at.

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