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Custom IR buttons?

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Posted 07 March 2008 - 09:38 AM

Hi all,

A few years ago I did a project with Premise doing full home theater automation. Had a Satellite receiver which we controlled via IR via the GC-100. Now, they are adding in its place a DVR capable Satellite receiver, which means more IR codes that need to be programmed.

What I can't figure out for the life of me is how in the world to tell Premise to add buttons that I can assign IR codes to. I would be content just adding buttons named "button1", "button2" and so on - anything! But I've already used up all my buttons in the satellite custom device page....I thought about adding another device and assigning the rest of the codes to it (though they wouldn't be named right), but not only would that be confusing, but I also don't know how Premise would react to having 2 different devices (in its mind) using the same GlobalCache port...

It seems like this should be SO simple, but yet I can't figure it out...I've been in Expert Mode and everything! How can I just add custom IR buttons for a device (such as "red button", "blue button", "List Mode", whatever I want)?

Anyone shed any light on this? What simple thing am I missing? Thanks! ;)

I'm doing this from memory (donít have builder in front of me). Does the device inherit the PVR class? If not, you can add it. That should add a few PVR related controls. I don't know if that gets you all the buttons you need, but it might help.
Although Im not using the automation browser, there is a concept of a Web Custom Button. It may be under the room or keypad. You can specify the image of the button, the font, font size, size of button, etc.
Currently it inherits from Satellite Receiver class. I did try PVR class, and it does help (it gives more buttons), but it still doesn't give me the ability for custom buttons outside of the ones it THINKS I need.

For instance, the remote for this DVR has 4 multi-function buttons that are red, blue, green, yellow. Their function changes depending on context (the TV screen tells you what each does when needed). It's easy to program IR for them using the IR-Learner with the GC-100 and maybe I could assign their IR code to an unused command as inherited from the PVR class (maybe "Jump" for instance as I'm not using that one currently), but not only does it make it confusing to keep track of in the code, but there still aren't enough unused buttons. Another button on the DVR is a special needed button called "Active" which is different from "Guide" or "Index/List"...

Surely there's a way to be able to just create my own buttons and name them "Red Button", "Active", etc. and assign an IR code to them through the GC-100 IR Learner just like with all the other buttons?

What I'm getting at is am I limited by what the Premise programmers THOUGHT would be the only buttons I'd need for a specific device? Can't I add more?

Thanks for your help! :)
I wish I had a good answer for you. <hint>Perhaps some of the original Premise guys in the group can help.</hint>

As for me, I try to stay away from using Premise as a remote to directly control devices. I'm more inclined to let mSense do its thing and just keep the user accessible device control to a minimum. I can certainly see your need given the unique interactions of the PVR. If I may ask, what brand and model of device are you using.

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