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How do you add another Audio-Video Input (properly)?

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Posted 07 March 2008 - 11:46 AM

I'm creating a CustomDevice to support an LG TV. It has a serial port and a well-documented control protocol.

I created an LG Module and, using the class wizard, added a generic TV class. This class offers a maximum of four Audio-Video Inputs ... I need six.

Right-clicking the newly created TV class, results in a menu offering to create a "Modulated Input" (and three other choices). I used it to create two additional Modulated Inputs and renamed them VideoIn5 and VideoIn6.

It looked promising until I attempted to add serial commands to these new video inputs. Whereas they are visible in the Explorer tree:

....LG TV

They are not seen in the central Devices pane:

AudioVideo Switch
..Current Source

The list is limited to the original video inputs created by the class wizard. The two inputs I created are missing so I can't program them with the correct text-string command.

The Modulated Input appears to be derived from Audio-Video Input so I thought everything would be OK ... but it isn't.

How do I add two new AV inputs properly?
This isn't easily done, but here you go...
  • Add/Create your device with 4 inputs.
  • Delete the device from custom devices (this leaves the class around though)
  • Use "File|Backup to client" and save the .xdo as something like c:\temp.xdo
  • Use a text editor (i.e. notepad) to open c:\temp.xdo.
  • Search for "VideoIn4". You will see a line like this although the ID will be different. <Object ID="{4B871AD4-5906-48B6-AADD-C31CD6AC61BD}" Name="VideoIn4" Class="sys://Schema/Device/AudioVideoInput" Description="Video Input 4" />
  • Copy the whole line and insert a copy below.
  • Change the text of the inserted line from "VideoIn4" to "VideoIn5".
  • VERY IMPORTANT... Change the ID to a new GUID. If you don't have the guidgen.exe or uuidgen.exe tool around, you can use http://www.guidgen.com to generate one.
  • Search for the next instance of "VideoIn4". It will look like this...
    <Object ID="{0BAB92A1-31E7-4958-A2B4-4604DD3EBE36}" Name="CurrentSource VideoIn4" Class="sys://Schema/System/Command" Value="{4B871AD4-5906-48B6-AADD-C31CD6AC61BD}" Property="{31DB62B4-4832-4DC0-B5DE-CEA674607FE1}" />
  • Make a copy of this line and paste it below the original.
  • Change the text from "CurrentSource VideoIn4" to "CurrentSource VideoIn5".
  • Change the ID to a new unique value. Again use guidgen or guidgen.com to do this.
  • Change the "Value" property (also a GUID) from its value to the value you used for the ID in STEP 8 (this maps this line back to the first line you inserted).
  • Repeat for however many inputs you need.
  • Save the file and exit the editor.
  • From SYS do a "File|Restore from Client" and pick the file you edited.
  • You will get a disconnect message and then the connect dialog will appear. The server is restarting with the file you just specified. Give it 10-30 seconds for it to reappear in the connect dialog.
  • Connect to your server
  • Go to custom devices, right-click and add your device.
Voila... It should have all the inputs you specified.



Many thanks for the detailed instructions! I added the missing AV Inputs and now my TV class has six inputs.

I had scoured the help file, forums, and tutorials and couldn't find an example of how to use Builder to add AV Inputs. I didn't realize one could modify a class's definition in XML. Obviously, this is an easy way to break something and should be used very carefully.

You've helped me gain a deeper appreciation for Premise's capabilities. Kudos to the development team for crafting this gem!


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