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SySTAPI problem

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Posted 07 March 2008 - 11:53 AM

I just had my SYS server of 9 years die. I have had to rebuild a new server from scratch and am having a couple of problems with SySTAPI. SySTAPI was developed by Rob Brun in 2003-2004 as I recall. I am hoping someone is still using it and might be able to help with a couple of problems that have come up after installation.

I started with a new install of Windows XP. Installed SYS, the Panasonic TSP, and then SySTAPI following the instructions supplied by Rob. I am able to conect to the SySTAPI devices in SYS. Cheer!

The first problem is with Contacts. When a call comes in a pop up is created in the SYS Browser with 2 choices, ANSWER & SAVE. Answer works fine. However the SAVE button generates a type mismatch error in Modules/SySTAPI/GlobalScripts/gCallHandling on line 103. This completely hangs the SYS Server and requries a restart.

Line 103: Set oFolder = g_GetorCreatChildObject(SYS.Media,Schema.Modules.SySTAPI.Classes.Contacts.Contac
tsContainer.Path, "Contacts")

The second problem is with Contacts again. I have added pictures to several individual contacts, as well as icons. The ICONS show up just fine. However the pictures do not show up.

All of this worked fine on my old server. The difference is that I think I was using slightly older code than what is currently available on the old forums, I could be wrong it was several years ago. Whatever code I was using went up in smoke with my old server, so I am using the code posted on the old forums from Rob's last post.

If anyone has any ideas send them my way. Or if someone has Rob's current email I can shoot him an email and bend his ear. I tried the posted email from the old forums without success.


I've never used SysTAPI but I'll install it and see if I can replicate the problem.


That is really kind of you. If I can help in any way with more information please feel free let me know what you need. I am at your service.

A lot of Rob's code uses global functions available in the ScriptTools module. g_GetorCreatChildObject is one of them. You need to import the ScriptTools module before you import the sysTAPI module.

Here is the link:

BTW, how is sysTAPI working for you? I always wanted to try the module but I was too cautious to have my phone go through Premise ;-)


It's amazing how much I can forget in 5 years. That's how long it's been since I last setup SySTAPI. At the time I was exchanging weekly emails with Rob Bruns about SySTAPI and its functionality. Since then I think I have forgotten everything he taught me and then some 8).

This was just what I needed to get things working again. Thank you!

As to how I like SySTAPI well.... It's a love hate relationship. I love what it can do, and my wife hates me because of what it can't do.

My home has a Panasonic KX-TD816 phone switch with 16 extensions and 3 incoming lines. SySTAPI only supports a single phone line. I was working with Rob back when on this issue and he was using a 3rd party .DLL for his development and it lacked multi-line support. The multi-line support was coming soon however this was also about the time that Premise went to Motorola and they killed it (^&*%$%^*$%$ IDIOTS). So As long as I don't mind SySTAPI working on line 1 only it's all great.

The one feature that gets used the most is the call log. It shows who called when. My wife is a fanatic about who called and would have a phone surgically implanted for 100% up time if she could. I on the other hand want nothing to do with the phone when I get home. The ability to make calls from SYS is kind of cool, the down side is that there is no integration with Outlook contacts so you have to go through the process of creating a SYS contacts DB. Once it's populated with all your favorites (and not so favorites) it is a handy way to quickly call someone. I also played with Rander another CTI TAPI suite that works well with the Panasonic phone switch. It supported a richer feature set in regards to call handling, but lacked integration with SYS so what was the point.

SySTAPI's main attraction to most I would think would be the amazing messaging feature set built into it. Not only is it a fully integrated voice mail system, it is also a full featured auto attendant. You can create custom voice scripts that will lead your callers through a menu of choices. This is wonderful for home businesses and such where you want your business calls to go to a different VM box.

Personally since my phone system has a dedicated voice mail with Auto Attendant I have never attempted to use the really amazing features that Rob built into SySTAPI. Based upon my satisfaction with the bits of SySTAPI I do use, I'm sure it would work as advertised.

Thank you again Patrick and thanks to Taras as well for your fast offer to help.


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