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Serial communication for the Sony DA5ES receiver

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Posted 07 March 2008 - 11:57 AM

I am trying to get my Lantronix ETS8P (RJ45) to communicate with the DA5ES (DB9) without success using RS232. Does anybody have an adapter pinout that works?
Quick search indicates you need a null-modem cable for connecting a PC to this receiver. Not sure about the exact pinout when using the ETS8P, though. Here is a link that mentions the pinout for connecting to a PC:
I managed to connect a SONY DVP-CX777ES DVD changer to a UDS-10 using a straight through serial cable and a DB25-to-DB9 serial adaptor. That same SONY changer requires a null modem cable to connect to the serial port of a computer.

I believe this will be the same for the SONY receiver. Here is the pinout in case you want to make a custom cable.

DB9 - DB25

1 - 8
2 - 3
3 - 2
4 - 20
5 - 7
6 - 6
7 - 4
8 - 5
9 - 22

I will try to make a cable for my Lantronix ETS32PR later this week.

Thanks for the replies. I tried to connect it to:
  • PC using null modem,
  • UDS-10 using standard DB25(DCE)-DB9(DTE) adapter
  • ETS8P using RJ45(DCE)-DB9(DTE) adapter still with no success.
The only thing that seems to be sent from DA5ES is a single "FF" byte, when I physically
power the unit on. It does not react to 0x02 0x02 0xa0 0x21 0x3d (Power ON) nor to 0x02 0x03 0xa0 0x82 0x00 0xdb (Get Main Room Status).

Do the "FF" bytes indicate a faulty port, or am I missing something else?

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