ELK and panduit are mounted in a 42" Leviton can

ELK and panduit are mounted in a 42" Leviton can

I got the panel installed along with the ELK M1 unit and the Panduit.

The panel is a 42" Leviton can with 2.5" rubber grommets to protect the wires entering the panel. You would be surprsed how difficult it is to find a grommet for a 2.5" hole. I ended up buying grommets for a Greyfox FoxBox and they fit perfectly in the Leviton knock-outs.

The mounting holes for the ELK were positioned by removing the ELK unit from the plastic case and using the case as a template. All drilling was done before mounting the panel so that the metal shavings could be removed and so that I didn't accidently drill through the drywall on the other side... :eek:

The wire duct is 1" wide x 1.5" tall Iboco slotted wire duct that I ordered from AutomationDirect. I priced Panduit at a local electrical supply and they wanted $65 for two 6' sticks. I was able to get the same thing delivered for $40 from AutomationDirect. I would not recommend any wider than 1" because the cover just barely fits on and it is a little difficult to get to the pins behind the wire duct, but definitely doable.

The Leviton panel had raised sections on each side for zip ties that were in the way of the wire duct sitting flat, so I took a pair of big wire snips and cut the tabs in the middle and then bent the upper and lower sections until they broke off cleanly.

I had a pack of white gutter screws that I used to mount the wire duct to the studs. The white heads on the screws look sharp, too bad no one is ever going to see them in the bottom underneath all the wire.

Power is run to a Leviton suge suppressed outlet in the bottom of the can.

You can see that I only only have two wires coming into the panel at this time. They are a phone line and a network connection.

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