1 cat5e for both camera and motion?


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Dear fellow CTers,

Alright. I found out today that I need to have 8 motions outside the house for security/motion lighting. However, this was not in the plan for the LV wiring guys bid.

However, they already ran for 8 security cameras which would be in the same location as the outdoor motions. They ran 1 rg6 and 1 cat5e to each security camera. My question is whether I can use that single cat5e for both the motions and the camera?

Since the motions require 4 of those 8, does the camera require more than 4??

Thanks guys!!

you just made my day!!!!

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Which cameras are you using? Are they network cameras? Do they get Power over Ethernet? Are they IEEE 802.3af POE compliant? If so, you can look at the specs and see which pins are necessary.