1-Wire configuration and external power


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Hi Eric,

I have my 1-wire weatherstation hoocked up on www.tordenvejr.nu/dk, and it is working, right now I am creating the Clientraw files, in order to interface my station to Weather Display Live, and I am coming far.

But now to my question.

I have a USB key, connected via 2 wires to a temperature sensor, and from the temperature sensor the wiring goes to a 6-Channel HUB, with external powersupply.

I would like move the Barometer from the hub to the direct connection to the computer, I was thinking about adding a powerinjector in order to supply the barometer with power. This means that between the termometer and the barometer I will connect the powerinjector.

My question is, will I in any way conflict with the powersupply to the 6-channel HUB

Kind regards,

You can put a Power Injector anywhere in the 1-Wire network and not cause any problems. Neither the Power Injector nor the Hub have the power pins connected on the input RJ45 so any power upstream of the device just gets ignored.