1 Wire DLL


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Hello everybody,

Does anybody know where i could get a DLL which encapsulates most or all of the read and writes to 1 wire devices, Specific device i would like to read are the temp sensors and switch devices. i can locate DLL,s which will to a temp read but not check or set io on a DS2408, I would like to call the DLL functions from labview, anybody ever done any work on getting 1 wire devices operational from labview with the new .net stuff.

Thanks for any help

Paul Clarke
I have a Dallas DS9097U one-wire interface on my PC. I'm using Dallas' DLL/OCX library for the interface and their temperature and humidity sensors. That libary is a bit complicated. My application is written in VB6 and has been running 24/7 for years.

Their libraries are on their website. The one I use is TMEX under Legacy Software.
The .NET2 libraries are mentioned as well.

I don't know about the one-wire DLL, but I too am working on an automation system in LabVIEW. I plan to integrate my ELK, Insteon and some IR/Serial for controlling A/V gear. I have some VIs for automating iTunes on the PC via COM that I would be willing to share.
What do you plan to automate with your system?