1-wire LCD Driver 3.0


I have v3 of this PCB, but on hobby-boards site have circuit for v2 ? Where can find this circuit, because in v3 have U2, and nowhere written what is ...

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Today i complete assembling my LCD Driver V3, but at this moment i don't have any RS-232 to 1-wire and can't test in, but i want ask one question:

It is normal status when don't have connected anything to LCD Driver board (nothing to 1-wire pin4 on DS2408), lights all dots on top row ? I use JM162B PDF, with KS0070B IC, but this is analogue to HD44780. I use ribbon cable, because have little differences on LCD PCB, but only in LCD backlights .. all other is the same .. and connected correct .. i check all for short or interrupting all is OK .. I want know all is OK or have problem with this LCD and must buy other with original HD44780, not analogue


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That is a pretty standard look until you initialize the LCD. It will usually come up with the block boxes on the first line.

LCD Driver v3 Work :) I make test with LCDTester :) LCDDrivers says any exceptions .. :)


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