1-Wire WEb based Home Control Software



I want to ask any Web based Home Control Software except: OWFS, Aqariomate.
Have other open source software for control DS2406, DS2405 devices and other 1-Wire devices .. I want control all from WEB. I have running Linux server with connected 1-wire devices on Com port :p Any ideas ? :)

Thanks in advance

Regards Misho
not really understanding the quesition, are you looking for open sourced software to monitor 1 wire devices that is accesible via the web that runs on Linux?

Not aware of any.

Commercial, closed source that runs on Windows, yes, a few.
There are various microcontrollers available that interface with the DS2405/06 that use standard interfaces back to the computer. HA7NET for IP/HTTP or Temp08 for RS232 are two examples.
Actually, Misterhouse can see several of the 1-wire devices, not just the temp sensors. If you use it with OWFS it can see anything that you put on the 1-wire bus that OWFS can see. Also, you could use OWFS with Perl, or python, or Ruby, or PHP, to quickly write your own page for accessing your 1-wire devices. I know you dismissed OWFS in your first post, but it's very handy and works well so you might want to consider giving it another try.