1000' of Cat5e, Crimper & Tester


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Hey guys,

ComputerGeeks.com has 1000' of Cat5e, a Crimper, Tester and male jacks for $42.50. Not too shabby.

Here's the link.

Just noticed that it's unshielded. Still not too shabby though.
This deal comes up every so often. It was not available the last time I needed 1000' of cable. But I held out long enough until it was offered and grabbed it.

Now I have a 1000' long patch cable (not being used for ethernet). And it's still in the box.

The crimper is pretty good quality. The tester is good enough to check if cables are wired correctly. There are some really interesting "English" instructions that came with the tester - if I remember I'll add them to this later. Personally, I've quit crimping my own cables except for special requirements (like 1000' cables). At this point, I'd rather spend a couple bucks than take the time.

I think the shipping for me was almost $20.

I don't think shielded cable is necessary for most applications - but I'm sure I'll be corrected if this is wrong.
I usually don't worry about "off" translations, but I thought the following instructions from the cable tester were pretty interesting. These are direct quotes from the instructions.

I understand this warning:

"Forbid to use for cable with electric current."

These aren't quite as clear:

"Do not use it beyond usage."
"Do not change it on your mind."