10000+ posts!


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Our members have made a total of 10001 posts
We have 495 registered members

and close to 500 members ... not bad for being in business for a little over a year, thanks guys! Next stop: 1000 members, 100000 posts ;)
Wow, collectively we've almost posted as much as Rupp on the HS board...

I'll still be here when we cross the 100k mark!

This is a great community! I hope it stays great as it grows!
Ok, I was having one of those "Gee... I am so bored" moments ;)

I did a little research, and was supprised at the results! The distinct honor of post #10,000 goes to...........

3rd Place, Rupp with post #9,9997 (I was SURE it had to be Rupp! Thats the first place I checked!)

2nd Place was Electron with post # 9,998 (Second person I checked!!!!)

1st Runner-Up Just One More at post # 9,999

And the winner is..............

nsisman with post #10,000 (A new member, welcome to the board, and you have impecable timing!)
I am honored to be here. ( I should have bought a lottery ticket this week)

As I said in another post I find this board interesting and informative.

Everyone is very helpful and knowledgable.

Gentlemen, keep up the good work ! (or play) and thanks for all your help.

Newmarket Ontario