110v/220v Current Question


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USA uses roughly 110v to each standard outlet in a home with a 15amp circuit breaker on most circuits from my understanding.

There are a variety of other voltage standards around the world, but lets pick a spot in Europe and say it's 220v (for the sake of simplicity).

My question is:

Does anyone know the standard circuit breaker amperage for one of those 220v outlets in a home?

I'm just refering to a normal circuit that one might plug a tv or computer into.

(My own little note: #14 gauge house wire is the minimum for 15 amp protection, #12 gauge is a must for 20 amp protection)
Hi Johnnynine

Here in Oz the voltage is 240v and standard power circuits are normally controlled via a 20A circuit breaker.... cable size is 2.5mm2 forgotten what that is is the imperial measurement......


When I lived in England I seem to recall using a lot of 13 amp fuses. Most of the plugs there have fuses in them and this was the most common size as I recall. Not sure what was in the breaker panel.
Breakers in the panel for ring mains (socket circuits) tend to be 30A or 32A depending if they're the modern ones or not. All plugs tend to be fused 13A or less depending on load. Cabling tends to be 2.5mm2 as far as I am aware. Sockets are wired in rings usually, ie, cable goes from breaker to socket a, to socket b, to socket c and then back to the breaker.

Lighting circuits tend to be 6A and aren't really wired in rings or anything from my experience.