So, correct me if I am wrong, but the two black units with cords on them (picture below) are appliance modules that can be used outdoors (i.e. are raintight)? If this is true can they be used just like conventional appliance modules?

If this is true this would be usefull for situations where one may want to control outdoor items such as a fountain pump as I am unaware of any current appliance module made for outdoor use.


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I believe they are waterproof lamp modules instead of appliance modules but I'm going to try them anyway. I have 3 modules outside in plastic bags and want to try these instead. The modules outside seem to last a couple of years and them corrode inside and quit working.

I just can't find them on Martin's site.
Cool Rupp, I think it would be a good idea if you tried these modules first before I bought any ;) :D .

Just kidding, please let us know the details once you had a chance to play around with them.
Kinda funny you mentioned that cable BSR, I was thinking earlier if I only had a extension cord with an X10 appliance module integrated, I could hardwire it to the vacuum, so HS can turn the vacuum off when the doorbell rings, phone rings, or if there is an important accouncement. This would be a very WAF friendly solution. Too bad this is a lamp module based cord.
Maybe you Can!!!

Black Cord - Lamp or Appliance Module ???

The link in the first post, there is a manual on that page.

Reading the instructions, it says can be used for incasedcents, FLOURESCENTS, halogen and low voltage ....... 500 watts max.

It possibly does not have dimming capability?

I'm also waiting for Martin's response on how to order.
Hmmmm....You fella's might be on to something !

From the Smarthome write up :

Use the two outdoor lamp receivers to control indoor or outdoor incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and low-voltage lights rated up to 500 watts. The outdoor lamp receiver does not have a code wheel, but it's still easy to program using the messenger hub. You can even use it with an extension cord. Ideal for controlling low-voltage landscape and holiday lighting, the outdoor lamp receivers are weather-resistant for outdoor use.

No code wheels so maybe just a dab of silicon around the plug might just waterproof it totally ?

Martin- where are you ?

Does Freewire make an appliance module as well ? probably not !
The "Messenger Hub" might be an appliance module. The instructions say you will hear a click when the lamp turns on and off.

e, don't think I would try it with a vacumun cleaner.

It sounds like it might handle BSR's fountain pump.

Freewire's remote does NOT have dimming capabilities.

Hmm, how did they ever sell these kits for $100? oh yeah, there's one born every minute!

At 39.95, seems like a fair price for the limited X10 functions it offers.