12V trigger switches


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Hi all,
I am about to purchase a new preamp for my home audio system. Unlike preamps of old, there are no switched ( or unswitched, for that matter) AC outlets on the preamp to plug in equipment.
INSTEAD, the preamp utilizes a twelve volt trigger, so you can have your like equipped power amps turn on when you fire up the preamp. Connection is made using a 3.5mm mono jack.
My problem is that my power amps do not have the 12 volt switches.
Does anyone know of any power strips, surge suppressors, or other devises that can be turned on or off using a twelve volt trigger swithc? Something I could plug my power amps into?
It almost sounds simple to build to me, but I do not have the knowledge.

p.s. The preamp is an Anthem TPL-1 and can be viewed at www.sonicfrontiers.com.
Welcome to CocoonTech! I would think you would have to use relays? BraveSirRobbin should be able to chime in here, he knows all this stuff (or maybe one of the other regulars here).
I knew you guys could answer his question. He sent me an email and IR stuff isn't my strong point so I sent him to the experts - thanks!
Thanks, guys, for the quick responses. Looks like my answer lies with Hometech or Panamax. And thanks again MArtin, for directing me to this site.