12Volt doorbell switch and Elk


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I want to install a doorbell switch directly to the Elk. I have 4 conductors to the location now. I have removed and don't want to put back the A/C transformer that supplied the original (thus i don't want to use the Elk-930, just a regular zone with a non-alarm classification). When i hook up the existing switch directly to an elk input, i get short status. Assuming that's cause it needs some current to power the light (and the light doesn't light anyway - assuming it wants A/C voltage)

Anyone have a good recommendation for a lighted DC capable switch i can get for such a purpose where the light and the contactors are essentially on two seperate circuits?

thx in advance
I simply ran 4 wire from my HAI and used 2 for the light and 2 for the switch. For the door bell I just bought any doorbell at the local BORG and replaced the ac bulb with a LED. You can do this to almost any doorbell quite easly. Now I have a nice blue glow :huh: